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We specialize in providing comprehensive compliance services to Registered Investment Advisers (RIA's).

We offer the following compliance services:

  • ​Hourly 

  • On-Going

  • Flat-Fee

  • Project Based


We provide project based compliance consulting to RIA's on a Myriad of limited engagements. We consult on the following projects:

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Mock Examinations

  • Firm Registrations



We work with firms of various sizes, niches, and complexities. We take a top down approach, meaning we focus on working with your firms CCO or designated compliance officer to foster a culture of compliance.


As a former MN Securities Examiner and XYPN Compliance Consultant, I am pleased to introduce myself to you as Owner & Managing Member of Just Compliance. As a former advisor I understand that staying in compliance and running a successful investment advisory firm can be overwhelmingly challenging. In response to the challenge I have designed a compliance program that provides one - on - one support to help your firm face compliance with confidence and ease. In my tenure, I have provided compliance services and ongoing support to over 200 Registered Investment Advisory Firms.​

Just Compliance is a Minnesota based RIA compliance firm. We offer clients hourly, ongoing, flat-fee, and project based compliance services. The name "Just" means fair equitable and just. The name came about as we were looking for a way to differentiate ourselves from competitors and align our selves closer to our core values of being "Fair and Equitable".  Compliance is a full time job, often filled by Advisors on a part-time basis. Just Compliance offers an affordable solution to help bridge the gap.


428 Minnesota St. Suite 500, Saint Paul MN 55101

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